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Written on: Wednesday January 16th, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

Macau, a part of Europe in China. It is an ex portuguese colony 1 hour boat ride west from Hong Kong. My first impression of this island is that it is too much traffic, big roads and difficult to find paths to walk, noisy and lots of people. A bit like southern europe...

There are three totally different architectual styles here:

1) Like a normal chinese town, lots of high dirty appartment buildings and chinese shops.

2) Enormous futurustic-looking casinos, maybe american style, maybe Las Vegas?

3) 19th century portuguese buildings, churches, squares..

But mostly I miss Hong Kong, I was getting to understand that place and could transport myself where I wanted to, a very easy public tranport system. Here it took a while to find out where I was on the map, until I just ran into the main portuguese square of the town.

Tonight I'm gonna meet my new host and this morning I said goodbye to my last one. They have all so far been very helpful with everything. 'm very thankful to them!

Yesterday I went to Lantau, an island where the airport is, and a lots of mountains, to see the big budda. It was an enormous Budda on top of the mountain! And you can see the pictures at http://picasaweb.google.com/michael.berggren82
After that I went to meet a couchsurfer who had a transfer flight through Hong Kong. I showed him around in HK and finally we met my host to have a chinese dinner.
Now I'm looking forward to go to Bangkok in 3 days!