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Hong Kong is packed

Written on: Thursday January 10th, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

I really should sleep, am getting up early tomorrow.

But when I have internet access there are so many things I want to do online.

What did I do today?

Is started to take a breakfast in town, and they had an english menu and they spoke english =)
Then I went to the IFC2 tower. A n 88-storey high building  that is a financial centre.  It was possible to go all the way up to 55th floor and that was really stunning to look out from. And to see all the other skyscrapers around it.

Then I went down Nathan Road, where they sell electronics to tourists and 30 guys came up to me to get me into their store. But I just ignored them.
  And it's a strange feeling to be one of few western people here. I fell that I really stand out from the crowd. But it is really fun to look at the people here, so many different people to watch.  And I realised when I came down to town how packed with people it is here. It's like a big festival, just walking around with people behind you, in front of you, besides you. It takes a lot of time to get forward.

I had an indian lunch for 50 SEK, so it's not extremely cheap here in HK.  But it was a good lunch.

Then I wandered around in the streets of Hong Kong amazed of all the strange shops and temples.
After that I met up with a couchsurfer, called Michael. And we had kebab for dinner, then he showed me the lightshow at the skyscrapers from the other side. REally impressing. Then further on to a market. Lots and lots of things. For example the same Pokemon/box we sell at the toy store in Uppsala , we sell it for 119 SEK and here it costed 20 SEK...

Tomorrow morning I will leave from Tai Po to stay at the university with another couchsurfer. Tai Po has really been interesting since I haven't seen any other non-asian person here at all. REally strange to be the only "foreign" person. Sometimes I feel like an alien.

But in a nice way. 


From Min on Jan 11th, 2008

Hej! Spännande! Jag förstår vad du menar med folk överallt... det är ovant! Och du tycker att du som västerlänning sticker ut, när jag är där känner jag mig verkligen som en i mängden, för ingen ser mig ju bland alla andra! Det känns lite skumt. Jag ser fram emot fortsättningen iaf =) Vi hörs! Kram.

From Mikaela on Jan 13th, 2008

Hello! Nej vad kul allt l�¥ter. S�¥ du var upp 55 v�¥n i luften! Det var h�¤ftigt. Ser fram emot bilder. KRAM fr oss

From Blanca on Jan 13th, 2008

salut michael! uoh! alors, tu est en train de faire le tour du monde!! c'est cool! j'ai trouvée aujourd'hui ton journal de voyage, et maintenant que je sais je vais suivre tes nouvelles! et tu fais comment? tu reste chez les gens? ou tu vas dans des hotels? fin, j'espère que tu t'amuse bien! ouvrez bien les yeux! me alegro por ti, tiene que ser genial hacer un viaje así. Un beso enorme desde madrid hasta la china!! =D

From Michael on Jan 14th, 2008

Min> Ja det ar forsta gangen jag ar med om att folk tittar pa en for att man ar annorlunda. fast det far garna gora det. jag tittar ju pa dom hela tiden =) Syrran: Ja, 55 vaningar hogt upp. Tyvarr kan man inte aka alla 88 vaningar upp =( Bilderna har du pa picasaweb.google.com/michael.berggren82 Jag ringer er snart nar jag kan lana nagons dator med headset! Blanca: Oui, c'est un voyage incroyable. Je voyage seul donc je peux faire ce que je veux chaque jour. Parfois c un peu trop de solitude, mais j ai rencontre aussi beaucoup du monde avec couchsurfing.com. Tu l as essaye? J ai dormi gratuitement a london et ici a hong kong chaque nuit chez different gens que je n ai connaise pas avant de partir. Ce soir je suis invite a la famille de ma hote pour un vrai diner chinois. un beso enorme desde hong kong hasta madrid!