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So the journey begins for real..

Written on: Wednesday January 9th, 2008

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

5 degrees raining 20h10 Monday

25 degrees humid 16h00 Tuesday

and there was only 11 hours between those two for me.

high buildings

chinese people everywhere

packed into these high buildings ,which in their turn is everywhere, and higher than in europe

 London was great, I had a great host and saw many things. Went to phantom of the opera, which reminded me of the days at music school.

Ate a lot of food and coffee and spended too much of my budget too easily. Everything is too expensive in London.

I was really nervous for the flight to Hong Kong and leaving Europe.

And I'm still nervous. But it was a great feeling to wander the streets here in the suburbs of Hong Kong and experiencing new smells, cow intestin restaurants, pig slaughtering meatshops, hanging roosted ducks in the ceilings. so many strange things.

Now Im couchsurfing at Patricias place, 11th floor with a view of the other skyscrapers. She lives at another place with her parents, so I can borrow her studyroom here , its a great small room and the futon seems really comfortable. now I'm going to sleep.

Tomorrow first discovery of Hong Kong and Asia by myself!

Hope I will be able to order food, or at least understand what Im ordering... 



From Mikaela on Jan 10th, 2008

Det låter ju jättekul och spännande! Jag hoppas du lyckas beställa nåt gott i alla fall. Ser fram emot att höra mer fr dig. KRAMAR Syster!