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Last day at work

Written on: Sunday December 30th, 2007

A journal entry from: World Tour 2008

So now work has come to an end. Thank you to Dressmann and Barnens Hus for this time! I've learnt a lot of working this half a year. And it has really be intense, especially at the rush before christmas.

And now I look forward to sleeping late tomorrow =)
I don't need to set the alarm clock, just sleep and get up when I feel like it. And I can do like that every morning now for 7 months . That's a relaxing thought.

4 days to go here in Uppsala. I will say goodbye to family and friend these coming days and tomorrow celebrate the new year at a big student party.

And I'm coming back from being sick after christmas, that's good. Even though I'm not sure of if I have a hole in one teeth. That would be strange, since I went to the dentist five times the last months. So the teeth should be at its finest. Anyhow, I'll see in the coming days how I should do. Maybe go to a dentist in Bangkok?

17h50 I'm taking the bus from where I live to the airport on Thursday. Then I will be meeting people i've never seen before and go to places I've never been.

It's like a dream.




From Micke on Dec 31st, 2007

I'm trying to see how this works. I think it's great that I can leave the address to where I am in the map, did you see it?