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Summertime and the living is easy.

From the Trip: Guatemala, mi amor.

From: Andre

(January 19th, 2009)

They say street food might be unsanitary, but I say that convenience and deliciousness trump sanitation. Also, I was listnening to 'summertime' this morning, and have since had it stuck in my head. When I read the title of your post I thought: Music transcends all! Hope the sleep issue starts sorting itself out (is it an altitude thing, maybe?) take care, andre.

From: Marcelo

(January 25th, 2009)

I love street churrasco con tortillas! It's all about being carefully selective in finding the right vendor. Which gym do you go to? I took tai chi classes at the main one, near the Spanish school. It is a dangerous place. I went out quite a bit with German and Dutch housemates. All the ninos rico from Guate come up on the weekends to party like mad with all the tourists. And there's always tons of gangs from the outskirts, Jocotenango, etc. Some of the tuk tuk drivers have been known to rob and kidnap people leaving the bars late at night. I enjoyed going to the library at El Centro de Formación de la Cooperación Española. There's always good stuff going on there. And besides, it's just such a beatiful place to chill out in. It's in the old Jesuit monastery, which in more recent history was the old marketplace.

From: Meghan Barnhart

(January 26th, 2009)

Thanks for the comment Marcelo! I am definitely stoked to be here. I haven't taken a Tuk Tuk nor do I plan to. Also, I don't really go out until late at night so I have managed to avoid any adverse run-ins with disagreeable people! Otherwise, I have felt safe here and have and will continue to go out of my way to keep it that way :) I have loved spending time with the people here :) I will definitely go to that library as I am always trying to find new places to work and study so I appreciate your recommendation! The gym is the one by the school which is also close to my house :) I go early in the morning and so its nice and quiet!

Love in the time of University *warning: this message may rant*

From the Trip: Guatemala, mi amor.

From: Pam Armstead

(January 10th, 2009)

Your entries are VERY entertaining, Meghan. I love reading them. Glad to hear that everything is going well.. :) hahaha.. RIP spider roommates . Thinking of you! Pam

From: William

(January 18th, 2009)

Hey Meghan, sounds like you've got quite the setup! An active volcano! You have no idea how jealous I am. I hope that you are settling nicely. I can't wait to here about the people you are meeting and the work you are doing! On another note, be careful with that dog situation. You might have to get someone to teach it some manners (I know that sounds kind of mean, but I could imagine getting sick of that routine real quick). Keep in touch! I look forward to more blog posts!

Estoy en Guatemala!

From the Trip: Guatemala, mi amor.

From: cheryl briggs

(January 5th, 2009)

Glad to hear you are safe and happy Meggsie I'm sorry you are still traumatized by our " domestic wildlife" here in OZ. Soak everything up and enjoy. We are really looking forward to learning more about the country of "Bealinda" our World Vision girl. All I have been able to find out about where she lives is that her language is Mam, Northern. World Vision help her and her community through the Santa Barbara Project I hope that makes sense to you if not don't worry. I'm glad you enjoyed the Alchemist Greg Lisa and read it a while ago. You're on the right life path Meghan. Enjoy your time there. Lots of love Cheryl n Greg xxxxx

From: Jillian.

(January 6th, 2009)

i'm so happy you're loving it! i didn't read your post, because it's long and i'm procrastinating. so my punishment is not allowing myself to read it. i just spent an hour responding to month old emails. ahhhh. but i'm going to come back and read it and i just wanted to say hello and have fun. and to tell you that my mom bought blueberries for christmas and all i could think about was captain morgan and stinky feet the whole time i ate them.

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