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Ojala que la luna puede salir sin ti

Written on: Friday May 15th, 2009

A journal entry from: Guatemala, mi amor.

My subject line is from a song by Silvio Rodriguez whose music Im completely enamoured with!!

This is going to be pretty short and sweet! I would apologize but I think many of you are breathing a sigh of relief that you don't need to spend the next hour reading my blog :) I'm sitting in my room right now after my 4 hour Spanish class and after my monstrous lunch. They give us a lot of food here and take very little for themselves. Of course, especially here, we feel the obligation to finish all our food. This afternoon I'm probably going to go to a smoothie place and have a smoothie while I read Spanish poetry and try to figure out what its saying let alone its context. This week hadn't flown by as quickly as last week. The weekend was spent in Leon and I LOVED it! We went to the beach as well which was a really nice break for us. I think many of us are getting stressed from Spanish and all the pressure that had been put on learning and improving our Spanish in the course of three weeks. Leon was a great break and a beautiful city - definitely one of my favourites from this entire experience. You can see murals and evidence of the revolution in the city. It's wonderful! I am planning on going back in a couple weeks.

This week I had to do a presentation in Spanish. I'm not big on public speaking, but I find that I'm actually relaxed when I have to give it in Spanish – probably because if I make an ass out of myself, it's ok because I'm foreign. Otherwise, I've had class everyday for four hours each. I'm enjoying my class but find that I'm slowly getting more and more frustrated by my little errors – and so is my professor. Its adding to my frustration, but such is life. Either way, my Spanish is leaps and bounds better and that's all that matters! This up coming week we will all be going out as a class and living in a small community of Limon. There they do not have electricity and in the last year had developed a system for potable water. We will be living in their homes for four nights, getting to know them and their community better and we will be having our final Spanish classes out there. Either way, I'm incredibly excited and will be posting pictures of that experience on facebook. I'll also be posting some pictures of Leon soon.

Hope you're all well! Take care :)


From George Barnhart on May 16th, 2009

Your pics are terrific. Have a great trip next week. Don't imagine Limon gets too many English speaking people.