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Written on: Tuesday December 26th, 2006

A journal entry from: Vegas and Phoenix

Having a bit of family in a city like this never hurt, and always helps add a new angle to a trip.  Although I have been heading down south to Phoenix probably since the day I was born, it never seems to stop amazing me.  Of course the amazing sights and shocking beauty of the desert always gets you, but the amount of money being thrown around in this city is more and more outrageous every time.  This sunny state seems to be developing faster going through the awkward stage of puberty.  Not just city centers and communities, but the homes seem to be getting more and more elaborate every time you turn around.  I know that money can be used as a statues symbol, but some people down there take it to heart.  Lots of property that look more capable of holding a small school rather then one family line the roads, and the escalades are about as common as cactuses and palm-trees.  Coming from Vancouver, be ready for a little culture shock.


Great place for shopping, hiking, tanning, relaxing, really anything you are looking for can be worked out for you in Phoenix.  Plus there are some great sights, ancient ruins and even old towns to check out that are only a day trip away.