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Summer 2006 - Eastern Europe

Written on: Wednesday March 21st, 2007

A journal entry from: Pecs, Hungary

Last summer, after my semester in Pecs, Hungary, I set off backpacking for a few months.  I had already hit 15 Euro countries a few years before so I was mostly interested in Eastern Europe this time around.

 First stop was picking up my mom in Prague.  She had never been to Eastern Europe, even though her family is from there.  So I was determined to get her some Eastern Europe culture, and show her some cool places where our family lived in the past.  We headed up through Poland and then down to Slovakia where we rented a car and I drove her through Slovakia, Austria, and Hungary.  In Hungary I left my mom and met up with an old friend to do a bit more rustic backpacking

From Hungary we had life threatening drive down to Serbia with my other friend I had been living with in Hungary for the semester.  Then we jumped on a plane to Turkey.  Road down the coast of Turkey by bus and caught a ferry for some island jumping in Greece (always good the first and second time around).  In Athens we jumped on a plane up to Bratislava, Slovakia and bused down through Austria, Slovenia, and down to Croatia.  All amazing places in their own way. 


After Croatia we took yet another plane to Berlin where we meet three of my friends for a little love parade and another plane to Russia.  Russia was a bit of shock and after two weeks we were relieved to have made it out to Estonia.  After Estonia we headed over the ocean by ferry to Finland, where my friend and I broke off with the other three and stayed with a friend of mine in Finland.  After Finland we made our way down south again through Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and to Poland to stay with another friend of mine.  After Poland we went to stay with my family in Slovakia and next thing we knew it was back to Canada from Prague.


I was amazed to find how different each countries culture was even though they were fairly small countries and so close together.  The people, their views and food was different every city, and the landscape changed every 100 km.  There would be lush mountains, then flat plains, then dessert in one bus ride.  From the friendly people in Turkey, to the stand-off stereo type of Russians we never knew what we were going to get. 


I would suggest all of these places for anyone, although Turkey, Croatia, Russia and Latvia remain my favorite because of their unique culture and experiences I had there.  Although, I find people enjoy place more then others for different reasons.  Eastern Europe is significantly less touristy, and more untouched, which attracted me to the region in the first place.  Of course there are strange things happen around every corner, so I learned to expect the unexpeced.


From ADam on Apr 17th, 2007

you rock!