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The Pecs Experience!

Written on: Saturday March 10th, 2007

A journal entry from: Pecs, Hungary

2006 hit, and next thing I knew I was jumping on a plane, over the big blue ocean and landing in a country that most of my family was still convinced was communist, Hungary.

No one in my school had been to this school before, so all I had was an address of a dormitory and some ladies name I could not pronouce (and sadly still cannot).  One cab ride from the train station, surprise hit me when I realized that the dormitory was classic community style, that had not been re-done in any shape way or form since it was built.  The people at the front desk did not know that I was coming or did they speak anything more then 'Hello' in English (mostly because of its identical meaning in Hungarian, plus it also means goodbye).  Finally, when the attendent at the front desk realized that my drawings of a key, a door, and my suitcases in the room ment I was suppose to stay there I was off with a key and three suitcases down a long hallway and up to the top floor (6 flights).

During my time in Europe I kept a simple blog. 

Check it out:  http://mstephenson-euro.blogspot.com/