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Hoi An - And Then Came a Tailor

Written on: Monday August 6th, 2007

A journal entry from: South East Asia

The city, Hoi An, is well known to travellers as the tailor capitol of Vietnam.  Going in, I promised myself that no purchases would be made as space in my bag was out and the logic of carrying around extra non-usable clothing... well was just not logical.  As I have a, what some people might call, addiction to clothing I tried to stay away.  But after a morning outing with a fellow travellers and seeing a wall of beautiful fabrics, it was not hard to get to agree.  Plus the price was unbeatable, I would have to be out of my mind to not.  We came up with some elaborate story to negotiate the price down, that included school tuition, travelling for 8 more months, and an upcoming marriage (all of which were untrue).  Next thing I knew I was getting a full length wool coat and a suit with pants and a skirt made for only 70 dollars.  This of course lead me to get other suites made for my brother and even giving measurements for a cousin to get a suite as well.
This of course lead to celebration at the local famous restaurants, clubs and bars.
The next morning we were there with all but finish suites.  Just a little fitting, and all different bits showing up from different delivers every moment.  It was an experience in its own.  About an hour later we were all fitted, and changes made, packaged and out.
But not all was lost to late nights and tailored clothing.  We did make it out to see some amazing ruins, at My Son, about 35 Km out of the city.  We even got our own driver, with leather seats and air-con, not to common around here.


From Dldar on Oct 25th, 2015

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