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Nha Trang - Deep Diving

Written on: Wednesday August 8th, 2007

A journal entry from: South East Asia

Got our way down the coast a bit more to a beach location in Nha Trang. The diving was rated pretty high, so Adam and I signed up to get our 30 meter Open Water Certification.  Three days with six dives out in a marine protected area that was about 45 minutes away from the Nha Trang coast.  Once we got in the water, it was apparent that the storms here in Vietnam have been effecting the waters a bit more then we had expected.  At points I could hardly see our instructors fines and he was only a foot infront of me.  Not exactly the most calming conditions when you are 26 meters down, god knows where, going through caves not knowing if that shadow in the distance is a rock or a great white.
Other then that it was a great experience.  Saw some cool sea life and go through some caves that had hundreds of fish in them that were pretty amazing.  We even got to do an underwater photography specialization dive, which is significantly harder then I thought it would be.  As much fun as I did have, overall I am happy to be alive.
After finishing our certification we decided to hit the town and celebrate (as drinking and lack of sleep is not a good mix when diving).  Starting the night off with a sea food feast. Sitting on the side of the road sitting on what look like children's play plastic chairs with a guy cigarette in mouth cooking our food over coals, it was an experience in itself.  They had everything you could imagine and I think we tried most of it.  You pick it, they cook it kind of policy.  And for 15 dollars we eat and drank all we could.  After that it was off to see some of Nha Trang's famous night life.  Hit a few bars and clubs and met up with some other divers. 
Overall had a good time.