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Hue - The Ancient Ruins

Written on: Saturday August 4th, 2007

A journal entry from: South East Asia

Hue is a fairly small town built around some ancient ruins.  Spent two nights their, checking it all out.  The moats surrounding the city as well as the ruins are filled with lotus flowers all in bloom.  I was a bit shocked to see the amount amount of ruin buildings still fully entacted after such a long time.  The majority of the money at these sites goes toward preservation, its nice to see it at work and making a difference. 
Of course the entire place is filled with tourists.  Some guy let a random local, apparently from the red cross, take is camera then go running off with it.  Hard to feel bad for people like that.
At night the city turns into a place for tourist to find what they are looking for.  As soon as the sun is down there are locals yelling at you offering either an 'easy rider' or 'bang bang'.  This is of course all on video.  A Brit we were travelling with couldn't even get a hair cut without being violated.