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Vietnam - The 26 hour bus ride.

Written on: Thursday August 2nd, 2007

A journal entry from: South East Asia

At 5pm we jumped on the back of a Tuk-tuk to the bus station to catch a bus.  We had payed for tickets, but had yet to see them, as they were apparently waiting for us at the bus station.  Of course our Tuk-tuk broke down in the middle of the highway and the driver had to fix it, but we made it on time.
When we got their, the laughs the locals were directing towards us made us think this was going to be the beginning of an interesting ride.  No air conditioning, cram ed on, loud winning Irish behind us, one blown tire at 2am, hours at the boarder trying to get through (I feel asleep on the bus and almost got left behind) and even some of the people from our bus got denied access to Vietnam (luckily it was the annoying Irish), but we did make it to Hanoi. Somehow. 
We got in around 7pm to the bus station, where we were loaded on a taxi that took us not where we asked and the five of us had to walk around for about and hour and half with our packs on trying to figure out where we were till I flagged down a taxi and got it to take us to the guest house area.
Two nights in Hanoi, the craziest intersections I have seen yet.  Markets dodging vehicles and drinking 2,000 dong beers on street corner plastic seats (16,000 dong is one USD).  Spent a morning walking around the artificial lake and checking out old monasteries, when sitting and drinking by the water.  Its pretty hot in Hanoi, so you need to stop and hydrate regularly.
Next we are off to Hue.