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Vientiane - The Look Out for a Vietnam Visa

Written on: Monday July 30th, 2007

A journal entry from: South East Asia

Late afternoon we jumped a bus to Vientiane with two other Brit travellers.  Major goal is to get ourselves a Vietnam Visa so we can get over the boarder as soon as possible.  Turned out to be a shorter ride then we had expected, and about four hours later we were sitting on the river eating dinner.  Did a bit of touring around the first night, then got an early start to the Vietnam Embassy. 

Managed to make some good timing, and there was no one there.  Ten dollars extra and our one day visa payment turned into only 5 minutes.  They have a pretty good market here for anything you think you might need.  Looked at some electronics with some pretty sweet cell phones that I have never seen before, for low prices. Some are very easily noticed as fakes while others you cannot tell.

So now we get to take off here in a few hours to Hanoi.  Its suppose to be a pretty brutal trip of 20 to 35 hours.  Horror stories of people having to sit on chicken cages for 30 hours and everything else in between.  We will see how it goes.