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Thailand to Lao - 'And Then I Jumped the Boarder'

Written on: Thursday July 19th, 2007

A journal entry from: South East Asia

After our Indiana Jones Ultimate ride through the northern Thai Jungle it was time to jump the boarder into Laos, due to expiring Thai visas. This literally consists of getting to a town on the boarder, in our case Chang Kong, then catching a small boat over the river to the other side.

The administration here for visas is a bit corrupt, not that surprising with all the military and police corruption we saw in the North of Thailand. Of course Canadians have the most expensive visas at 42 USD, which they charged us 56 USD for. Their is something about Lao officals that makes you just not want to mess with them, maybe the giant AK-47's did it, so we paid it. My suggestion is to bring exact US dollars for your visas, because with out it it seems like all tourists are getting screwed through exchange to local currencies.

As of Other then that, we are just wasting time here waiting for our trek to start up on the 23rd. Pretty small place we landed our self in, Huay Xai.


From Lyz on Jul 31st, 2007

hmm....Bizarre, I believe I paid $15 for my Laos visa just a year ago ;). that blows. BUT, I do just adore reading about your trips and fun times! so happy for you that you are loving it, and super jealous of course. Do enjoy the rest of Laos, as I am sure you are doing right now. much love!