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Aka Hill House - The Real Indiana Jones Experience

Written on: Monday July 16th, 2007

A journal entry from: South East Asia

The naming of Aka Hill House was lost somewhere in translation, because in the english dictionary that was not on a 'Hill' but rather a mountain.

We got a pretty sweet bungalow right on the edge of the mountain, overlooking the jungle. The guest houses were built to raise money for local schools.  The profits are spent on building local schools, text books and so on. Lots of children who lived their were always waving and talking to us practicing their English and getting us to write in their work books about our experience.

Of course not to take away from the included 'full jungle experience'. Saw some amazing stuff and a lot of wildlife. One small 'fun' glitch would be the spiders hanging out above my head while I sleep and running at me in the shower. Of course these were not regular spiders, but jungle spiders the size of my hand.

Did a day trek through the jungle the very next day. At times you were up to your shoulders in jungle-brush, then the path was not even a foot wide, made of mud and straight down hill if you miss a foot step. Over rivers and streams, cooking with bamboo and eating with bamboo, into mountain top villages, swimming in water falls and over all 7 hours of jungle hiking fun.

Then after two nights of the Aka Hill Village, we were off to get over the board to Lao before our visa expired.  The truck ride to Chang Rai, was better then any roller coaster I have been on to date (sorry Disney Corp. but these Thai people have it down pat). A pick up truck with somewhat of a bar cage around it. Then they just throw you in their like a bunch of cattle with their empty bottles and you get to hang on for dear life down crazy mud roads for about an hour. Zipping around corners with drop offs, into holes and ditches, and playing frogger with on coming traffic, while you try not to get an old school whipping by the branches and trees on the way.