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Pai - Bike rides into the country side, living in the jungle, hanging out with t

Written on: Saturday July 14th, 2007

A journal entry from: South East Asia

Pai is by far my favorite spot in Thailand.  Although the sights and beach life was desirable in the south, the relaxed-easy-going fell of Pai really has me not wanting to leave.

Over the last three days we have done a lot.  We did the bike rentals, some touring of the country side.  Sand paddies, small villages, monks, elephants and hippies everywhere (yes even Thai hippies). 

A few guys, some locals, that own a shop here took us in and made us some of the most amazing Thai seafood I think I will ever eat.  We drank all night and they told us about their lives.  How they had survived the tsunami, when they moved to Pai after everything was gone and the Thai life philosophy.  Amazing some of the things they told us. 

Over the next few days they took us to their Japanese friends wedding, up in the mountains in a hippie village.  Very different and beautiful.  Everyone gathering under a bamboo round covering all on the floor, traditional music being played and people going to the couple and giving them good wishes and praying for them.  Very simple. 

These Thai guys even taught Adam and I traditional Thai cooking.  Of course starting at the market, where villagers and farmers come in with their fresh food to sell, they told us what to buy and helped us find all the 'good stuff'.  Then they took us back to their kitchen and showed us how to make a few Thai dishes.  Then of course we all eat, even other friends from village came and eat our food that Adam and I had made.

Now it is off to Ta Thom for a river trip down to Chang Rai and stopping at some small villages on our way to Lao.

(I will get some photos in when I get some time)


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