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Journey from Koh Tao to Chang Mai

Written on: Sunday July 8th, 2007

A journal entry from: South East Asia

32 hours, serious nausea, long nights, and many random experiences later we made it to Chang Mai.  It all began with the famous back of a pick-up truck ride to the ferry to the mainland (which by the way was very bumpy for the full 3 hours, I thought I might spew) then a cramped bus to the bus station.  Where we were stranded for 3 hours waiting for the bus, with a market for food.  Still wonder what it was that I eat that night (lots of mystery food).  Then an 8 hour bus ride to Bangkok, which got there at 5am.  Took a Taxi to the T.A.T where their was maybe a ticket for us to go to Chang Mai.  Turns out there was not, so we went to the train station and got on a train.  Finally at 930pm almost two days later we got here.

But besides the point, it is pretty nice in Chang Mai.  A bit more culture to be found here, compared to the over populated island with tourists.  Random food being sold at every corner, little shops where no one speaks English, huge markets and temples on ever corner.  Yesterday we did the temple tour.  It was shockingly hot, but the sights were well worth the sweat.  Saw temples that were built in the 1200 century, and had a chance to spend a good hour talking with a monk about Buddhism, the culture, how he lives his life, what it means to be a Buddhist and how to meditate.  Very interesting stuff.

After that we headed to the famous night market.  The streets were filled with carts and carts of stuff.  You name it, they have it.  From Jewelry, Clothing, lighting and paintings right down to throwing stars and guns.  Of course I managed to pick up a few things.  

Anyways, heading off to Pai tomorrow.  Next we will be in Lao doing a tree top experience where we zip line from tree to the tree and stay in three houses.  Pretty excited.

Hope everyone is well and happy.  Keep in touch.