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The Island of the Lady Boy

Written on: Sunday June 24th, 2007

A journal entry from: South East Asia

Hello gendre confused Thai men. Is that a lady? Is that a boy? Oh wait that guy is dancing with a lady boy (otherwise know to be men dressing to look like a women, or even going as far as to get an operation to seal the deal) This apparently seems to be the most exceptable way to deal with homosexuality within Thai culture, as well as starting an exciting late night game of 'spot the lady boy' that was introduced to me by a lovely English lady one late night.

Besides this I managed to experience The Full Moon Party time Koh Phangan. Switching up bungalows for one on the other side of the island, right on the beach, where this endless event takes place. Great location with white beaches of fine sand, clear warm water, small streets with cafes and shops which all of course were completely soiled and tainted after I experienced the events and happenings of Full Moon on this island. Its like the 'Spring Break Cancun' only worse, with more fire being thrown around, and drinks of Red Bull and your alcohol of choice that seems to make people go apsolutly loopy. Amazing how stupidity flows the streets and beaches here.

This of course is not all I got up to on Koh Phangan. I fit in the sight seeing and culture seeking in as well. Spent two days renting scooters to roam around in. The first time after some hard rain I managed a bit of a topple on my bike. I was lucky to get out with not much more then a bruised hand and a few scratches, but my took a bit of a hit, totally busted now. The second day of bike adventures got us to some amazing spots. Fishing villages, white beaches, waterfalls, great hikes, small towns and so on. But of course Adams tire blew out, which had to be fixed, when it started to down pour like crazy, which we drove home in down and up the steepest hills I have seen (San Fransico included). Then a cheery on the cake was the Thai man accusing me of crashing my bike (this of course was not the original one I had crashed) wanted 2000 b for it. Luckily I managed to talk us out of it.

Another thing that comes with tropical islands, are tropical cretures. Of course the big beefy black spider in the my batroom one night was not welcome, or that snake the fell on me out of a tree on the way to the beach on day, but I have come to like the little lizzered they have around here. They tend to be everywhere. In your bathroom, on your deck, with you at dinner, on your trecks in the jungle. Very cute.

Our final stop in the South was on Koh Tao.  Amazing place, that is besides the killer ear infection I managed to get myself.  Adam and I signed up for our Open Water Divers Certification at a dive resort and then I couldnt dive because my ear was all (well I dont need to go into detail, but it was not possible to dive).  SO I go to the local 'witch doctor' and get myself some drugs that will aparently fix me up nice and good.  Two days later I still feel like crap and it seems to be getting worse, so I look up this drug they have me on and apparently 'it works like a placebo'.  Which would explain why I fell the same.  SO, I got myself some antibiotics (all you need to do is literally ask a pharamsist and you are on) and I was clean in about 10 hours and diving the next day.  Amazing place, and of course the beach is still a common area for night time party goers.

Now its off to the North of Thailand.