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Ho Chi Minh, but then again Saigon

Written on: Wednesday August 15th, 2007

A journal entry from: South East Asia

Ho Chi Minh/Saigon is a mix of a bussulling city, Vietnamese culture, increasing western influence and end to end bike mix-ups everywhere you look.  There is nothing that take more courage then taking on hundreds of bikes coming right at you every five minutes.  Not even the side walks were safe, as with traffic there is always a person trying to get around it, they are a bit more 'creative' here.  There were a few times where I must have made some lasting marks on  Adams arms after Kung  Foo gripping them so many times, while dodging death.
Few things I learned on how to take on Vietnamese traffic:
  • Have great amounts of confidence
  • Keep eye contact
  • The more the merrier
  • If possible tag on with locals while crossing
  • And most important, just go and try not to think about being impounded into the concrete.

Overall, I enjoyed the city.  There is lots to do and see.