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Short Time, Got Enjoyment Lot

Written on: Thursday February 26th, 2009

Atlanta–When return to Denver I went to Atlanta city forwatch enormous and adventure scenery with spent his few days, due to went toDenver for my official purpose and work done by short time therefore have 6days to remain in my work day, some one suggested at Denver to go Atlanta toviews God making Beauty so I was there.---Atlanta–city is located in the Georgiastate in USA, also it's a capital of That state. It's a fastest growing citythat's watched awesome place and took a great enjoyment at 6 days. Midtown isold city of Atlanta and watched there few great  historical places, which told its amazing history. But in thewest Atlanta is the most awesome place for drinking, due to more vine yardgarden and places.  Which called by thepeople 'The Vine City'. Took some great taste some time, too superb taste offresh wine. If you think that you will go there at seasons then break youthinks and came any season, too wonder climate in every season but if you comein winter and spring time then you found some rainfalls drop. But I got a lotof experience at few parks which gave to us amazing memory to me all time,                                                


 Piedmont Park is tooawesome ever due to its event and beauty, Its better for picnic, biking, andwalking, got a lots of enjoyment, bird watching knowledge, learn also familylove which show at around the park, Its place also for watching bird, someother parks also I watched, including Centennial park, also watched historicalking district, and so on. We can say 'festival city also, most of time heldthere, you watch kinds of event and festival at season by season. I was stay atBay Mont Inn & Suites Atlanta Downtown Hotel and too nice hotel due to hisservice and on site restaurants, hotels in Atlanta gave a often of latest services, where you stayand watch city to closely. I went to Nikolai Roof in third day, took some infoand enjoy at there, before evening also watch Foz Theatre, too wonder andmarvelous place in Atlanta that portion. Watched also fourth day Atlanta opera,Broadway of Atlanta, Theater of star and some other, took in between timedelicious food, including seafood, meat, kinds of sandwich and ice cream ( Iloved ice-cream, chocolate flover). Kinds of theater to be found, but I watchfew of them. The museums of arts all more, which spread often and enormousinformation also including live event Activities, I did it some. Best tookadventure at there also. It's a spots place also and you can watch kinds ofsports, but I have not more time watched that some game, basically we lovedsome excitement place and moment, which I loved. Adventure in too flow in myblood and I could not leave hiking, fishing, liked activities at any place. Atthere too enjoyed also with enormous time at hiking, with a hotel neighbor friend.Few Mile of downtown Atlanta mountains and forest show kinds of adventure andnature for all, took some fine and best time at there with bathing and swimmingat waterfalls place in bottom of mountains, watched kinds of animals, lizards,snake and birds beauty.

 Fishing did it butnot catch any fish, its my bad luck, after return to hiking took a delicioustaste of fish at restaurant. We loved seafood. Street of city was to kind andcheap also expensive around. Also watched Atlanta history centre, Atlantacyclorama. But one thing I saw, its too awesome and remarkable, and which wasthe new world of coca cola. I was a fabulous trip to us at there, first time Isaw making of cold drink in open eyes, Last day I went at Zoo Atlanta, which istoo famous. About 200 kinds of species to be found, which spread enormousadventure all time , one thing I did not say and also I suggest you, when youwill come here take only $69 cost past and you watch Georgia Aquarium, NewWorld of Coca-Cola, Zoo Atlanta and Inside CNN Studio Tour, when left that citythen I got that info, but did not worry, a enormous journey with work, Its good and best time for me.