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Written on: Wednesday May 28th, 2008

A journal entry from: Around the World in 80 Days!

Hi everyone!

Our flight from Madrid was delayed 9 hours (flashes of Mexico!) so we finally arrived in Prague around 4am.   We thought about just staying up and watching the sunrise on the Charles Bridge, but decided to get some sleep instead.  That was pretty good as we realized that you don't really need to get up early in Prague to see and enjoy most things.

Our hostel was in a great location, right next to Old Town Square.  In the square is the beautiful Tyn Church as well as the famous Astronomical Clock.  The clock puts on a show every hour where a skeletal figure of death rings a bell and the Apostles spin through windows at the top.  The clock itself is amazing, but the show is humourously disappointing.  Huge crowds gather to wait and watch and it lasts only a few seconds.  It's funny to watch people's reactions when it is finished.

We spent most of the first day wandering around Prague Castle and down the side streets and parks.  Tried to take in all the beautiful old buildings, churches and crazy sculptures.  David Cerny has created several interesting and bizarre sculptures all over Prague.  For example, there are massive babies climbing up and down the huge tv tower, an upside down dead horse with King Wenceslas sitting on it, and one entitled 'Proudy' that we'll post a picture of.

That evening we headed out with a couple people we met in our room at the hostel for a pub tour around Prague to try out some Czech beer and absinthe.  I was pretty done in by the huge amount of beer, so I missed out on the absinthe, but Matt had his share!  I reckon I would have liked it... apparently it tasted a lot like sambuca.  Matt said he didn't see any green fairies though.  We had a really diverse, fun group on the tour and met some great people.

The next day we slept in again and continued to wander the city.  We saw the dancing building and a couple more beautiful churches and rounded out our afternoon with a leisurely paddleboat ride around the Vtava River.  Our weather was beautiful.  Apparently we brought it with us... the days before we arrived it had been constantly raining.

We spent the last couple of days going through the Jewish quarter with it's haunting and beautiful cemetery, through the beautifully groomed Wallenstein garden and through the St. Nicholas Church and Bell Tower.  We even managed to fit in watching game 1 of the Stanley Cup series... good old Czech Republic!  Prague was really beautiful.  We wished we had taken more tours to appreciate it even more.

We left early this morning for Paris and are running once again on very little sleep.  Tomorrow we are Louvre-bound!

Not long now until we're home!  Looking forward to seeing you all!


ps We added pictures to the Madrid and Bilbao blogs if you want to check them out!



From Liz on May 28th, 2008

Come back to Australia please. I miss you guys xxxx

From Stine :) on May 30th, 2008

I CANNOT wait for you guys to come home! It feels like an eternity since you've been here :( Continue to travel safely and we'll see you in a week or so! YAY!! Love ya :D

From Marissa on Jun 3rd, 2008

hey guys! i totally agree, mum and i thought the clock should be renamed the astronomically disappointing clock. the first time we watched it we sat waiting for it to continue, after 5 mins we realised that was it! missing you guys, hope you're having a fantastic time!! xx