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French Riviera

Written on: Friday May 16th, 2008

A journal entry from: Around the World in 80 Days!

Hi all!

Our trip to Nice started off on an interesting note... after we made it through French customs 10 minutes before our train was due we found out we needed reservations.  Matt ran back through customs to a ticket desk while I sat with our bags and tried to figure out the best alternative train for us to take.  Luckily Matt had some help from a few customs people and was able to make it back in time.

We arrived in Nice to find out our planned train to Barcelona was 'booked' and would cost us $170 to take if we still wanted to go... or we could leave a day later and not pay anything.  So we opted for the later train and sadly lose a day in Barcelona... but we saved a lot of money in the process and would have an extra day on the beach in Nice (except that it is raining... sigh).

Yesterday we left Nice behind and took the bus to Monaco.  All the villas and houses are built into the steep rock hillside and were pretty amazing to see.  Also the road we took follows the seaside so there were beautiful views everywhere.  The Monaco Grande Prix starts next week so everywhere we went there were fences and stands being set up for the event.  It would be pretty amazing to be there for it.  We'll have to see if some pictures of the real track match up with what you might see in Gran Turismo or any of the other racing games.  I enjoyed window shopping some of the more expensive stores... ah to be rich!  We also hung around the Monte Carlo Casino for a little while... we were there too early to get in, but it was a pretty impressive building nonetheless.

We then hopped on a train over to Cannes to see what we could of the film festival.  We wandered the promenade and then spent an hour or so watching the red carpet where we saw Eva Longoria, Dustin Hoffman, Jack Black, Lucy Liu, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.  Kind of neat to see them, but we certainly weren't as excited as some of the other people there.  We finished our time at the festival sitting on the beach waiting for one of the public showings of classic movies.  In the meantime we heard 'Gypsy music from film' and saw a fantastic firework show before it was time to catch the train back.

So today is our last day in Nice, and it looks like we won't be on the beach due to the weather... it would have been a nice travel day!  Maybe we will have to spend some time in the shops today... Armani, anyone?

Hope you enjoy the pictures we added from Italy!  We'll write again soon!



From Liz on May 16th, 2008

Wow I can't believe you saw all those celebrities in the flesh! That's so exciting! PS My flights are booked yay