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Written on: Tuesday May 13th, 2008

A journal entry from: Around the World in 80 Days!

Hi again,

We left Venice early as we had to make multiple transfers on our way over to Interlaken.  We are still getting our heads wrapped around the train schedules and found ourselves politely asked to get off of the first train we hopped on.   We had accidentally jumped on a reservations required train in Venice and when they asked for our reservations and we didn't have any they said they'd let us off at the next stop... we weren't too worried as the train we were actually trying to get on was only 10 minutes behind us.

Once we were on the right train our day got a little better.  We had a 3 hour stop in Milan but weren't able to see much other then the train station and surrounding area. Our train from Milan to Interlaken required another 2 transfers but we really enjoyed the scenery along the way.  Our hostel was really cool and we met lots of nice people that we hung out with for most of our stay.

We were up early the next morning and booked a white water rafting trip in the afternoon.  Our trip wasn't until 4 so we set out for a hike up to Mürren.  It was a 5 hour steep hike that we are both still feeling.  We made it back to our hostel with no more then 2 minutes to spare before jumping on the shuttle over to the river.  The tour was a lot of fun.  No one fell out of the boat even though one bump knocked Leslie into the boat.  In between rapids the scenery of the surrounding mountains and landscape was beautiful... we kept thinking it was like Banff x 4.

Our final night was a quiet one but met a few more people over dinner and happy hour.  We definitely wish we had more time to have spent in Interlaken, although this is becoming a common theme with just about everywhere we've been in Europe.  We will definitely have to think about coming back to Switzerland... next time with a bigger budget.  Skydiving and Paragliding looked like the time of your life but both were just a little too far out of our price range... we still have to eat for a few weeks before getting home.

We are in Geneva right now but arrived late and will be leaving early tomorrow for Nice.  We hope to get a few pictures up as soon as we can find a cheap internet connection. 

Au revoir!

-Matt & Leslie 


From She on May 14th, 2008

Hello my lovelie! I am sitting in my classroom looking at your pics... Hope you are having a good trip and taking care of each other! I miss you both! Lots of hugs and love from the deer! :)