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Written on: Tuesday May 13th, 2008

A journal entry from: Around the World in 80 Days!

Hi everyone!

We headed up to Venice and had a short stay of just two nights.  Our hotel was on the mestre (mainland) but it was a convenient bus ride to the island.  Venice looks exactly like you'd expect from pictures.  The canals and small little alleys are very lovely and we enjoyed winding our way through them.  It's so easy to get lost, but that's sometimes the best way to find something interesting!   We made it to Piazza San Marco and were accosted by thousands of pigeons before we settled down to pizza and pasta by the Grande Canal.

We spent the second day island hopping around Venice.  We bought day passes that allowed us to travel by 'vaporetta' (water bus) to the islands and around Venice.  The first stop was Murano where they are known for their glass blowing and sculpture.  Pretty amazing creations!  We watched one guy shape glass into horses and it was incredible how fast he could create these figurines.

The next island we hit was Lido, the beach island.  It wasn't much compared to the beaches we've already seen, but it was really nice to relax on a beach in the afternoon.  We headed back to Venice and found a nice restaurant along one of the canals for supper.  We didn't manage to fit in a gondola ride, but we were happy with our trips down the canal in the vaporettas.

We headed out early the next morning for our train ride to Interlaken, Switzerland.  Beautiful country, see next blog for more...