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Goodbye Australia

Written on: Friday April 25th, 2008

A journal entry from: Around the World in 80 Days!

Melbourne has been a great spot to visit as our last stop in Australia.  Mary let us crash at her new apartment while we are here and has helped us around town and taken us out to a few of the happening evening party spots.  Melbourne?s an interesting city? you need to know exactly where you?re going at night to get anywhere.  There?s a lot of cafés, restaurants, and clubs that are tucked away down back alleys and side roads that you would never find unless you put a lot of effort into banging on a few back doors.


We spent our first full day in Melbourne (just so happened to be my Australia birthday ? April 24th in Melbourne) walking around the city and finishing our afternoon off with some shopping and finally getting my hair cut? it had been well over 6 weeks and it was getting on my nerves (not as good as you Rochelle but it should tie me over to get back home).  We ordered pizza in for supper then went out to a pub called Terminus.  Wasn?t a particular crazy night but Leslie and I are both trying to get rid of head colds before getting on our plane over to Cairo.


Our second day in Melbourne (my Canadian birthday ? April 24th in Edmonton) was spent again wandering around the city, this time with less shopping, and taking the elevator up the Eureka Tower (tallest observation deck in the southern hemisphere).  It was ANZAC day in Australia (similar to Remembrance Day) so everyone had the day off and there were people in uniform everywhere.  Eureka Tower was pretty good.  It seamed like it might cost more then it was worth until we showed them our International Youth Cards and they gave us an even better deal then their regular concession rate.  We spent a half hour or so up there before meeting up with Liz and Mary to back home.  Unfortunately we were unsuccessful in getting Foo Fighters tickets off Ebay but we still had a pretty good night restaurant and bar hopping.  We had intensions to get back home early so we would be well rested for travelling but I think we finally made it home and in bed around 3.


Today is our last day in Australia so we?re just planning on taking it easy and making sure we?re ready for the second leg of our trip.  We leave for Dubai tonight at 7PM.  We have a 10 hour layover there while we?re on our way to Cairo so hopefully we?ll be able to get out of the airport for a few hours and have a quick look around.  Cairo and the pyramids will be a blast then it?s off to Europe.  Not sure when we?ll get a chance to post another blog but we?ll make sure to do so the first chance we get.


-Matt & Leslie


P.S. Thanks to everyone who has sent birthday regards through Email and Facebook, ect...