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Great Ocean Road

Written on: Wednesday April 23rd, 2008

A journal entry from: Around the World in 80 Days!

We had a great time catching up with everyone in Adelaide but our visiting had to come to an end when we left early Monday morning for Melbourne along the Great Ocean Road.  The bus that picked us up certainly wasn?t as nice as the bus we drove around in on our weekend out to Uluru but Liz, Steph, and James came along with us so we had good company.  The first day was a little crowded as we were without a trailer and all of our luggage had to be packed inside the bus in the back seat and in the middle isle.


We left Adelaide by 8:00AM and drove through the countryside to our first stop at the Stonehaven winery were we sampled a selection of their cellar (kinda odd being before lunch and all but still a good time had by all).  After checking into our hostel in Naracoorte and grabbing some lunch we headed out to the Naracoorte Caves and spent the afternoon exploring the many underground tunnels and chambers in the area.  We spent that night at the hostel with our tour group and playing a few drinking games and downing a few of the bottles of wine purchased earlier at the vineyard.


Our second day started early again as we drove straight out to the Grampians.  We were delayed slightly when we stopped for lunch and lost one of the English guys? he eventually turned up and we were able to continue our drive.  The hike up to the top of the Grampians was fun, a challenging climb at times.  Certainly not as difficult as a few of the rock climbers we saw climbing pretty much verticle faces.  It was hazy out so the view wasn?t as dramatic as I?m sure it would have been on a clear day but the hike was still well worth it.  After we made our way back down the mountain we drove over to McKenzie falls and spent an hour or so hiking in the area? we had a slight mishap while taking a few photos and had to end up getting a little wet to retrieve some sun glasses.  We finished our sightseeing and Reed?s lookout where the regional fire tower is located? again it was still very hazy so unfortunately it wasn?t as impressive as I?m sure it usually is.  We stayed in Warrnambool for the night staying in a pretty nice hostel.  Our entire group shared a room full of bunk beds but it wasn?t that bad... I think everyone was pretty tired.


We finally got onto the Great Ocean Road on our final day.  Again, it was a really foggy morning but we were still able to see everything we set out for.  We started at the Bay of Islands before setting off for the London Bridge (half collapsed) and the 12 Apostles (only 8 still standing).  We spent the rest of the day winding down the coast towards Melbourne.  The 200 km drive is amazing but takes quite a while as the average speed you can take that road is probably only around 50km/h.  We made it into Melbourne by 6:00pm and were downtown at out drop-off by 7 or so.  Mary was nice enough to meet us downtown and show us to her place where we?re currently staying? but more about that later.


From Stine :) on May 1st, 2008

I like the bird pictures! It would have been awesome if you got a picture of the bird pooping on matt's head!