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Adelaide Part 2 - RADelaide

Written on: Sunday April 20th, 2008

A journal entry from: Around the World in 80 Days!

Hello all!

The time in Adelaide has flown by.  Since my parents arrived Matt and I have been non-stop socializing with my friends and our family friends.  We've been out for lunches and dinners with different friends and had a couple really nice barbeques here at Liz's house. We are exhausted haha.  But it's been great to see everyone we could!

On Friday mom took Matt and I out to see a couple of our old houses around Adelaide and I think she really loved just driving around the city.  Matt and I were able to do a little shopping and sight seeing which was nice.

Saturday we headed to the stadium to see our first official footy game (Aussie Rules), where the Adelaide Crows managed a win.  It was a pretty neat experience.  Everyone in the crowd was so passionate about it.

That night we headed out with a bunch of friends.  We started at the Belgian Beer House which was really nice (and sold Fruili!).  Next we headed to Exeter Hotel, which we had visited previously with Liz and my friend from Melbourne, Mary.  It was 1:30am before I even looked at my watch, and we were headed out to the third bar of the evening, a cocktail bar called Fumo Blu.  At around 3am we headed to the final bar of the evening, Garage.  Matt and I arrived back at the Saccone house around 4:30am, but the friends we were out with were keen to keep partying and continued on to another bar.  The bars didn't strike me as too different to home, but the atmosphere and how bars stay open as long as they want to was pretty amazing.

It's been really great to catch up with all my friends and I just want to thank everybody who came out to see me and to meet Matt.  We've really enjoyed our time here.

It's our last night here in Adelaide and we are looking forward to the GOR (Great Ocean Road) adventure! We've booked a tour with Liz, Steph and James (some of my other good friends) and a bus will take us along the coast to Melbourne.  There should be some pretty spectacular pictures.

Hope all is well at home!  Miss you guys!

~L & M


From Kayla on Apr 21st, 2008

Yay Fruli! Also, yay partying until the wee hours. I miss you guys! And it's a blizzard here, so we are incredibly jealous of your nice weather.

From Chelsee on Apr 21st, 2008

Nice pictures!! Looks like you're having a blast! Lucky you guys are missing out on blizzard weather here in Edmonton! :) Continue having fun!

From Greg on Apr 21st, 2008

Looks like you had an awesome time in Adelaide. Nice shots of the old house and Jetty Road. It is a great city! It appears (from photos) you've become familiar with many of the indigenous South Australian beverages!! Good on ya Mate, Fair Dinkum!

From Stine :) on Apr 22nd, 2008

Well, it looks like you guys are STILL having a good time! Good to hear you're enoying your time with your parentals and friends. I'm still hanging in there...only 1 more month to go until you guys come home! No rush!...I want you to enjoy yourselves of course! :P Continue your travels safely and have fun! Love you!

From Barry & Wendy on Apr 24th, 2008

Happy Birthday Matt Hope you are having a great time the weather here is awful and totaly white again you picked a great time to be away. Travel Safe and have the time of your life.