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Written on: Monday April 14th, 2008

A journal entry from: Around the World in 80 Days!

Hello all!

We've been in Adelaide for almost a week now and having a fantastic time.  The weather hasn't been as warm as the rest of our trip so far, but having some friendly faces around has been really nice.  Actually meeting someone we knew at the airport was amazing!  Thanks Liz and Mriss!

The first week here has gone by so quickly, which is kind of too bad.  I have had a chance to get re-acquainted with most of my friends which has been great.  We are staying at the Saccone house (Liz's family) and are being completely spoiled.  They had a barbeque for me on Saturday night which was fantastic!

On Thursday Liz had the day off and took us up to Cleland Conservation Park where you are able to get up close and personal with Australian flora and fauna (mostly fauna).  We arrived just in time to meet 'Tommy' the koala and give him a pat or two before spending the rest of the time chasing kangaroos around the park.  Some of the kangaroos were huge (people-sized) but generally the only ones interested in us and the food pellets we bought were the little ones.  We managed to find a momma kangaroo with a joey in her pouch, but we were slightly disillusioned when the joey popped out and was almost as big as the mom.  Amazing he still fit in the pouch!  Also at Cleland we saw a tasmanian devil, dingoes, gigantic wombats, bettongs and a couple of cute echidnas (in case you don't know what some of these are, see the pictures below).

This week should be super busy.  We are going to an Aussie rules footy game on Saturday which should be awesome and my parents arrive on Wednesday so I'm sure they'll have some plans for us.

Hope all is well at home!  Keep up with those comments!

~L & M


From Kayla on Apr 14th, 2008

Wow, the park looks like it was a lot of fun! I can't believe they let you just run around with all the animals. I enjoyed the snag picture, looks like Matt had a bit of difficulty with it :)

From Daryll on Apr 14th, 2008

haha the pictures were really good. looked like you enjoyed yourself. i had a good chuckle at matt lounging with kangaroo. oh ya, did you make an attempt at putting the koala inside the kangaroo's pouch??

From Lori on Apr 15th, 2008

Are you sure that Kangaroo is sleeping or did that wicked tasmanian devil get him

From Stine :) on Apr 15th, 2008

All the animals look so cute! Especially the kangaroos! And I CANNOT believe the you guys actually touched a koala! I'm SO jealous! It's really great that you got to see Liz and all your friends there. I bet you're looking forward to Leslie's parents coming to meet you. Keep having an awesome time! I miss you guys so much it hurts my heart! :) Travel safely!

From Liz on Apr 17th, 2008