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Off to the Rock!

Written on: Thursday April 3rd, 2008

A journal entry from: Around the World in 80 Days!

Day 15 - Cairns AUS

Well... again we're sitting here killing some time before getting on our next plane so we thought we'd drop a quick line.

We went out to the Great Barrier Reef yesterday and are now nursing our sunburns.  The whole day was a really great time.  The reef site we stopped at is called Green Island and it took about 2 hours to sail out there.  It rained for most of the way out so we were a little worried about how fun our trip was going to be but once we anchored at the reef things cleared up and the rest of the day was beautiful.

We both tried scuba diving and got to see some pretty colorful fish and bits of reef.  We snorkelled for the rest of the day before hopping back on the boat and sailing home.  The wind was favourable on the way back so we got to shut the engines off and ride the wind the whole way home.

It was a pretty small boat but we really enjoyed it cause there were only 15 people (including the crew) on the boat with us so we really got to know a few people.

Anyways, our shuttle should be here any minute so we should get going.  We have an underwater camera from both Surfers and the Reef that we'll have to get developed in Adelaide and try and post some of those pics.  We'll be in communicado the next couple of days as we'll be camping at Ayer's Rock.  Talk to you soon!

-M & L


From She on Apr 3rd, 2008

ACk I love how I totally missed the boat on the blog... oh well im online now and we are all good! Les I will face book you my addy! Pics and all sound like a blast! Totally envious as I sit here doing report cards :) HUGS!

From Daryll on Apr 3rd, 2008

I dare you to place a koala into a kangaroos pouch... okay...maybe not, but have fun camping! I'll have some fun writing some final exams, aren't you jealous of me now?

From Stine :) on Apr 5th, 2008

I'm glad that you guys are enjoying yourselves! Good to hear the sun is treating you well. I look forward to hearing from you soon! Have fun! Be safe, luv ya! Ciao:)

From Auntie Judy on Apr 8th, 2008

Dear Les and Matt, Hope you are safe and well, just checked you website here and started to worry with no update since the 3rd. Take care and hope to see an update soon. Love(an over protective Auntie) Judy

From Auntie Patty on Apr 8th, 2008

Glad to read your email and sounds like you are enjoying yourselves so far. Take care and look forward to hearing from you again.