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Leaving Sydney

Written on: Wednesday March 26th, 2008

A journal entry from: Around the World in 80 Days!

Day 6 - Leaving Sydney

Our first experience (well my first) has been great but we'll soon be leaving for Surfer's Paradise via Greyhound.  We originally liked the idea of the overnight bus ride cause it saved us some cash on a plane ticket as well as accommodations for the evening but right now neither of us are looking forward to a 14 hour bus ride.  We're both pretty exhausted from what seems like 5 straight days of walking so hopefully we'll sleep most of the way.

Since we last wrote we've been out to Bondi Beach, did our day through the opera house and museam tours, and have been killing today out at Darling Harbour.

Bondi was really exciting to see except it was very overcast so the beach was pretty cool but we still got to see a few surfers riding the waves.  We ended up going for a walk along the coast and saw some pretty cool cliffs.  Had a beer overlooking the beach before heading back into the city.

The opera house tour was alright, we snuck our way in with a student discount by a really nice lady at the tour desk so we were very thankfull to her.  We met Leslie's dad for dinner later that evening and were treated to what I'm sure will be the best meal we will eat in the next few months.  Finally saw the harbour and opera house at night.

The day at Darling Harbour has been a bit exhausting.  Faught our way through hoards of school children while going through the Sydney Aquarium... we had to take a break of multiple occations to let the masses pass but it was definately worth while seeing.

We're still waiting to get to a descent internet connection before uploading our pictures... we've been accumulating a lot of them.  We tryed the other day but it was taking forever just to upload 5 images.

Anyways, we have a bus to catch so we'd better get going.  Wish us luck trying to learn to surf!

-M & L


From Peddy on Mar 27th, 2008

Learning to surf eh? I wish I could watch that... lol Lester take a video of Ropes bailing!!!

From Griff on Mar 27th, 2008

Dude, gnarly! Hope you get to shred some truly bodacious ripcurls, bra! (Wait... they only talk like that in California... Hmm...)

From Stine :) on Mar 27th, 2008

It's sounds like you guys are having fun so far! Have a blast learning to surf and for God's sake, were a lifejacket! Love you! Be safe!

From Daryll on Mar 30th, 2008

Hello! Good to hear that you were able to meet up with les's family. I hope you guys had a couple of laughs when trying to surf... and hopefully no sharks attacked you. Come back with all of your limbs!

From Karla on Mar 31st, 2008

Hi guys! Sounds like your having an awesome time, hope you survive the surfing!! Travel safe.