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The End

Written on: Friday June 20th, 2008

A journal entry from: NEPAL! (and getting there)

Just in case anyone is still reading this, I've been told I should finish off the 'story'!

I took a bus to Kathmandu. Although the distance is only 200km (about) the journey takes between 7 and 16 hours depending on road conditions and availability of fuel and Maoist activities. Luckily my journey did only take about 8 hours. Unfortunately the bus I was booked onto (with a nice seat near the front) wasn't running and everyone booked onto about 3 seperate buses were all squashed onto one. I ended up right on the backseat. The one good thing was that I couldn't see the terrible driving and so wasn't fearing for my life the whole time. However, I was thrown up to a foot off my seat every time the bus went over a pot hole (very often, the Nepali roads are not kept in good condition, as they are built with aid money from China and India but no money is given for their up keep). I don't think I've ever felt so sick!

Kathmandu was quieter than the first time I was there. It was out of tourist season by then. We'd seen the changes in Pokhara; less tourists and lower prices. I stayed in a hotel recommended by Kelly. I was sad not to be able to See Mel and Steve. As fate would have it, they had left Kathmandu for their new home in west Nepal, just that morning!

I spent an evening and a day looking round Kathmandu. I did Durbar Square (in the evening as in the day you have to pay), the Boudhanath (unfortunately I got there a little late, I was aiming for sunset but got night so the photos aren't great) and the Swayambunath (or monkey temple). The Swayambunath was amazing, there were a lot of monkeys and people as it was a saturday (holy day). The families came to feed the monkeys as we would feed ducks in the UK! I also tried to go to Bhaktipur which is a town outside Kathmandu and apparently very beautiful. I spent several hours trying to find the right bus. A couple of Nepalis tried to help me but it turned out that the bus wasn't running (I later found out that a student had been shot by Maoists and other students had closed the road in protest).

I really enjoyed seeing the sights of Kathmandu but one thing I've learnt about myself whilst away is that I'm not good at travelling alone! So I was glad to be going home. Of course I was glad to be going home anyway. I did truly enjoy my time in Nepal but after 12 1/2 weeks away I wanted to come back.

My flight was about 9am so I got to the airport before 7. On the check-in dest was a notice saying that the flight had been delayed until 12.30! Not only did I have 5 hours to wait in Kathmandu's tiny airport but it meant I also missed my connection (luckily there was a later one). Watching CNN in the departure lounge I got talking to an old American man also flying to London. It was nice to have someone to wait with. As the flight was delayed so long they brought us the breakfast we would have been given! Finally we did set off. The flight was about 4 hours and I passed it by watching 2 films. We had about an hour to wait in Doha. Walking off the plane into midday Doha was like walking into an oven. It must have been 45 degrees but more bearable than Pokhara because it wasn't humid. I met the american again and he bought me coffee with some left over Doha dollars he had. The second flight was longer and although I watched another 2 films it still dragged a bit. Seeing England again was so exciting. Then, I was on british soil again and as I came out my family were waiting.