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Trip to Marseille

Written on: Monday January 21st, 2008

A journal entry from: Montpellier, France 2008

So adding pics on here is almost physically imposible so pics can be seen on facebook only!!!


To summarize my recent trip to Marseille, We took the 7 am train so we were in roof shape getting there but managed to walk all day long and sightsee and take plenty of pics, then decided to call it a night early and headed to the hostel for dinner a walk along the pier and then hit the sac. The next moning we took a walk through the market and bought some much needed sunglasses which we sported all day long as the sun was incredible! Then we started our half hour uphill battle to the Notre Dame de la Guere, which was a huge accomplishment it seemed at the time however going back down was much faster and I no longer was cursing Eric under my breah for making me do it! Then we went on a boat ride to the Chateau d'If, which was a castle on an island and learned some interesting history about a stuffed Rhino and the Count of Monte Christo! After an extensive nap we met some ppl in our hostel and went to a bar called the TrollyBus where we paid a cover which also covered our drinks for the night as they gave us 2 bottles of vodka for 10 ppl it felt very VIP very cool!!! Next morning we took the train home to Montpellier, and we were very happy to be back!!!  


From Ryan on Jan 23rd, 2008

Wow, that does sound roof. nothing says europe like a stuffed Rhino.