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Written on: Saturday May 26th, 2007

A journal entry from: Terrace, BC

4X4ing is fun. Today it was pouring rain so we decided to go up in the hills to a good four-byin place called ?mean jean?. Dean, John, and I hopped in the 4runner and headed off. Mean Jean is outside of Terrace, and when we got there it was dry and sunny. So that started the day off good. But when we got a ways up the trail, it started getting pretty rough, and bumpy. You may think, ?so what? Your 4x4ing?, but when I say rough and bumpy I mean more than your typical off-road 4x4ing. In fact, the beginning of the trail we found ourselves angling the truck on roads that are far from level, one side of the truck against a steep slope and the other looking down a river. Dean has his truck fixed up with 3 shifters, so that he has a wide range of 4-low gears and can pretty much crawl up and over anything. But at the top the road had become a gigantic trench, completely washed out from a storm this winter. We took the truck up the trench as far as we could, and near the top it was only slightly wider than the truck. Its hard to get any good photos 4x4ing seeing as we are in the truck the whole time, but I took some pictures at the trench to give an idea of what Mean Jean is like?


From Bryan Rite on May 28th, 2007

My favourite part is the 'N' on the back of the truck