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Written on: Sunday May 20th, 2007

A journal entry from: Terrace, BC

Going downstream through rapids in a tube or raft is one thing, but hitting them going upstream at 60km/h is another thing altogether. And that is also not the same as hitting them at the same speed but going downstream. Today John, Dean, and I took Deans boat out on the Kalum river for some riverboating. It was pretty extreme. We jumped the boat off a log that had fallen in the river, and went through some pretty decent rapids. I guess people might do this other places, but having ACDC blaring from the boat made it seem more Terrace-ish. That and the fact that we couldnt find a boat launch so we drove the truck/trailer into the river and drove down through the river until we found a gravel bed big enough to launch the boat from.


From avril on May 22nd, 2007

hi lonny! it looks like you're having a great time in terrace. i had no idea it was so beautiful there. see u soon, either in port or van!

From Janesa on Nov 21st, 2011

Super exicted to see more of this kind of stuff online.

From Edilberto on Dec 10th, 2015

I had car accident (it wasn't my fault, it was paerkd when another car run into it). Few days after I've received a letter from my isurance company saying: Please contact us to confirm how the details of the other party were optained? . Also they are asking me if I was a witness of the accident or did a witness provide me with information. I don't know what exactly they are asking about? Dothey want to know how I get details of the other driver or are they asking about the company that have my car now to repair it?