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Halibut Fishing and Crabbing in Kincolith

Written on: Saturday May 12th, 2007

A journal entry from: Terrace, BC

Today Dean, Berta and I got up at 5:30am. We had our crab traps, Halibut rods, freezer-burnt salmon for bait, and the boat all ready by 6 am and then we were on the road, headed up North to Kincolith.

The drive there was amazing, we headed up the Kalem river and past Kalem lake. Then we went through a big mountain range and got to a really cool looking lake called Lava Lake. It is called this because it used to be a river until a volcanoe erupted and all the lava blocked off the river turning it into a lake. After the lake was a giant area of lava rocks called the lava fields. The river from Lava lake ran through the lava fields, some parts underneath the lava rock and in other places it was a weird, slow moving water that was a really deep blue colour from all the minerals.

After the lava fields we were driving alongside another river when a creature ran out onto the road. None of us knew what it was, but it got to the middle of the road and we couldn't pull to the side any more without going into the river. As we got closer we saw it was a beaver and it turned around and waddled the other way right before we got there and we narrowly missed it. If you've never seen a beaver try to run before, its pretty hilarious. That is one animal that should never leave the water.

At about 9am we got to Kincoleth. It is a small villiage where the river meets the ocean. The boat launch was the most welfare thing I have ever seen (see photo gallery) It was pretty funny launchin the boat.

 We tossed out the crab traps and started halibut fishing but didnt catch any. We got lots of crabs though. We lost one crab trap, I still don't know how we managed that one. Some of the locals told us that somebody caught a 150lb halibut yesterday, which didnt really raise our self esteem about our jigging skills.

On the drive home we chased a moose down the highway in the truck (see previous journal entry about chasing a moose down a river in a boat). It was running pretty fast and we got around a corner and there was a bear on the side of the road. By the time the bear looked up to see all the commotion, the moose was almost running into it. They both saw each other and split opposite directions, the bear up a hill and the moose back onto the highway. It was like something straight out of a cartoon.