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Jet boating

Written on: Sunday May 6th, 2007

A journal entry from: Terrace, BC

The day after I got to Terrace we got up and Berta's dad, Dean, took me and John out jet-boating. A jet boat is like a normal boat except for it has no propeller, just a jetstream to propel the boat. And his has an aluminum hull so we could go up rapids on the river without damaging the bottom of the boat.

So we launch the boat in the skeena and rip down hoping to find a good fishing hole. We went to a river called the exchamsux or something like that, which connects to the Skeena. We ripped up that river for miles and miles, and the further we went, the more snow was on the banks of the river. Evenually, there were 2ft snowdrifts on the side of the river. At this point I was pretty glad I had worn a hoodie, a stanfield, and my snowboard jacket. It was raining/hailing at some points, so it was pretty cold.

The river was starting to get pretty fast, and soon we got to a set of rapids that was pretty shallow. We tried to ease the boat up them but we kept hitting rocks. So we backed off and Dean decided the best way to get past them was to fly at them head on as fast as we could. Good Idea. So we back up further and take a huge run at these rapids and we glide right over them, not even a bump.

After the rapids the river started to get pretty windy, and since jet boats are pretty easy to get bent in (since they have no prop for drag and can slide out around corners) Dean was testing the limits on how much we could slide the boat out going around corners. Next thing you know he takes a corner too sharp and the boat slides out of control up onto the snowbank. Needless to say this knocked most of us on our asses and we got back to our feet just as we slid off the snow back into the river.

After a couple more minutes we come across a decent sized moose down at the river for a drink. So the obvious thing to do seemed to be that we should chase it down the river. Its pretty funny how far a moose will run in water with a boat chasing it before it thinks to veer off into the woods. Must've been a few hundred yards at least.

After that we found an island of snow and decided we should try jumping the boat off it. That was pretty fun, we took a good run at it and got the boat up in the air, landing with a thud on the running river.

It started to rain and hail, so we all decided to head back home to the hot tub and a cold case of beer.