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Reading Break 07

Written on: Monday February 19th, 2007

A journal entry from: Tofino Trip

So I went home to Port for reading break and we decided that it would be a good time for another surf trip. My brother Eric ended up getting the day off, which was awesome. Ashlee came down the night before from Vic and picked up John and Berta on the way.

The next morning we packed up our lunches, wetsuits, boards, and extra clothes into the truck and hit the road. There was no snow at my house, but I was worried that Sutton Pass might be pretty sketchy road conditions. Well, I was definately right and all through the pass there was snow covering the roads. After fishtailing pretty good around a few corners we made it down the other side, but the snow never went away.

All the way into Tofino it kept snowing, which I've never seen before in my life. I think John and Bera thought we were crazy while we were renting their wetsuits and boards from a shop that had no power in a blizzard.

But as soon as we got into our wetsuits and into the water it was awesome. It stopped snowing and even got a bit sunny for a while. The surf was good at the beginning but got pretty sloppy later on. The worst part of the day definately came later when we had to take our westuits off as it was again snowing. Right as I had my head and arms out a big hunk of snow fell directly on me from a tree. Probably the coldest Ive been in a while.

All in all it was a great trip down there. I can't wait till the next one.


From Bryan Rite on Mar 12th, 2007

Thats so funny. I have that Blue board your riding... even tho its made for chicks, its so dope, especially in tuff

From Lonny on Mar 12th, 2007

Yupp I love that board. I won it, was so stoked. It rides so good. Thats sweet that you have it too.

From Andrea on Mar 12th, 2007

Lonny, buddy, nice photos! On any given day the two things I miss most about home are my friends/family and Tofino. What a beauty.