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Exstew Falls

Written on: Sunday May 27th, 2007

A journal entry from: Terrace, BC

Today John, Berta, and I drove out to Exstew Falls. It is a pretty massive waterfall and it was really flowin at this time of year. At the bottom of it there was such a steady stream of mist soaking you, it was like standing a few meters in front of a power-washer (if you have never done this, well, invent your own analogy). Me and John walked across the river and now I think we have frostbite. Thats what black toes means, right? On the way home we found a massive boulder that had fallen down the mountain in a landslide, and I decided I wanted to climb it. It was fun at the top but getting down was a lot harder than getting up. We found a good place along the river to drive the truck in the river, which never seems to get old. Plus its better than washing the truck when we get home.


From Bryan Rite on May 28th, 2007

Nice posts Lonny... whatta think of the site? Any suggestions?