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A busy time in Utrecht

Written on: Thursday August 23rd, 2007

A journal entry from: Northern Europe

I have been really busy during the last 10 days in Utrecht. The summer school keeps us studying until 5:30, and then it is usually home for dinner, maybe go out for a few hours if I'm feeling up to it, and then sleep. Of course, I am not used to getting up at 8 am every day, so I have been quite tired most days. On top of that, I have been sick for about 5 days now. I am starting to feel better, but my throat still hurts and I have a lingering cough. The weather has been cool and rainy most days, so I think that contributed a lot to me getting sick.

Last weekend was really exciting. A group of us summer school students, and my project advisor Simon, went together to Amsterdam. We mostly toured the city, and some people went into the museums. Denica, Simon, and I got a canal bike instead, since we weren't really into art museums. That was a nice way to see the city. In the evening we went to the Red Light District to see that famous area. It was a rather strange experience, to say the least.

Sunday we had to get up early to catch a bus for our excursion to the Dutch Delta Works. We first went to Rotterdam to tour the harbor. It was pretty much just a bunch of ships and shipping containers, not too lovely to look at, but I guess it was impressive. After that we headed over to a small town where we had lunch and picked up our bicycles. On the bus, we watched some videos about the storm surge barrier and a survivor of the flood gave a little history of the event from his perspecitive (he was 11 when it happened). We rode our bicycles to the storm surge barrier, with a few stops along the way to tell the history of the Delta Works construction. The day was nice and sunny when we were riding, so the bike trip was very enjoyable. In the evening we had dinner at a beach restaurant.  It starting pouring as we were walking in, and I got wet and sandy.  After a soggy wet dinner, we got back on the bus again and headed back to Utrecht.



From Susan on Aug 23rd, 2007

Seems like that no matter what you do you are getting rained on.. bummer.. The Red Light, huh.. you'll have to tell us more about that maybe

From Sherie on Aug 24th, 2007

Is this the time of year they do rush for college? We were there for that--Yikes--what a bunch of freaks!! It was a bit scary, even in my younger, shall we say, slightly wilder days!

From mom on Aug 24th, 2007

Sorry to hear you have been a little "under the weather". Hope you are feeling better.Drink lots of fluids and eat to keep up your strength. What are the temps like? Is the rain cold? Hope the remainder of your stay is dry and warm. Have a good day. Love Mom

From mom on Aug 24th, 2007

What did you think of Amsterdam? Is the food good? Hope to hear from you soon. Love, Mom