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Summerschool arrival

Written on: Thursday August 16th, 2007

A journal entry from: Northern Europe

I have been at the Utrecht Summerschool on the Physics of Climate since Monday. I flew from London to Amsterdam on Sunday, which was a huge fiasco. My flight ended up being one hour delayed and then when we finally arrived, the baggage belt for our luggage was broken. After waiting for nearly an hour, they finally got it working again and I was able to get my suitcase. Unfortunately, I missed by 10 minutes the last train to get me to Utrecht in time for picking up my dorm keys from the University. By this point I was exhausted from travelling all day, getting up at 6 am, riding an hour on the tube, and stressing about the flight and baggage delay. I just wanted to put my suitcase down somewhere and get some rest. So, upon arriving in Utrecht, I asked around for the closest hotel to the train station.

After checking in to the hotel, I went to find some dinner. Of course, it started to rain quite heavily during my walk, and I got a bit lost. But I asked a nice couple for some help, and was only two blocks from where I was trying to go by that time. I had some nice Indian food and relaxed along the canal. (Well, I was inside, but could see it from the restaurant.) I then returned home, had a shower and went to sleep.

More on my other activities in a bit, time for lecutres to start again...


From Mom on Aug 16th, 2007

Sounds like you are having a busy time. Hope you have time to get some rest and see the sights