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Jetlagged at Heartbreak Hotel

Written on: Thursday August 9th, 2007

A journal entry from: Northern Europe

I arrived in London yesterday afternoon, after a dreadfully long flight direct from San Francisco. I took the tube to Camden Town from the airport. That went relatively smoothly, except for my decision to change trains at a station with a lot of stairs. Hauling a 35 pound suitcase up them was not fun after my 18 hours of travelling. I didn't sleep much at all on the plane, so I was exhausted by the time I made it to the Heartbreak Hotel (the house where I am staying in Camden). After settling in a bit, Kirsten and I went for a walk to get food, see Camden Market (which was relatively uncrowded), stroll along the canal, and climb up a hill to get a nice view of the London skyline. After stopping at a few markets on the way back, we collected the makings for falafel and pita bread sandwiches, which turned out to be really tasty. I was trying to stay awake until night time, but after dinner I finally gave up and went to sleep.

This morning I woke up at around 3:30 local time. I was still tired, so I tried to go back to sleep. After a little over an hour, I decided to get up for a bit, and have some breakfast. After that I went to take a short nap, and woke feeling much more refreshed at around 9:00. However, I started to feel a bit ill, so I wasn't sure I wanted to go out. I convinced myself a walk may help me feel better. By the time I made it to the tube station, I was ready to go. Unfortunately, I hadn't brought any maps or food with me. At the time, I didn't worry too much about it. However, after walking along the Thames to see Big Ben, London Eye, et cetera, I began to be extremely hungry. Having no food, I shought to find a restaurant where I could get some vegan food. Well, that proved to be a bit tricky, and wasn't made easier by the fact that I didn't really know where I was. In the end, I had my lunch at a cafe in one of the gardens along the river. It cost quite a bit, but by the time I got there, I *really* needed to eat, so I shelled out the money. But, wouldn't you know, after I left and walked about two blocks I find myself at Charing Cross station with plenty of 'cheap' restaurants and even a produce stand! To wrap up my outing, I sat for a bit in Traflagar Square, and then headed back to Camden.

Back at the Hearthbreak hotel, I took another nap before fixing myself dinner. This evening, Kirsten, Pete (another Heartbreak resident), and I went out to a pub quiz. We met some other people there and all in all it was quite fun, although there was a bit of cheating carried out by Pete involving Google on a mobile phone. My shining moment came when I correctly answered that, yes, indeed leopard and panther are two names for the same animal. (I watch a lot of Discovery Channel.)  Our team ended up winning, although we should probably have our title revoked!

Now I am exhausted, so I should be off to bed. Tomorrow is another big day in London!


From Heidi on Aug 11th, 2007

Hi Lou! Sounds like you are having a great time. Be safe. much love, Heidi

From MOM on Aug 11th, 2007

Good to hear you are having a good time. Looks like you got your hair cut. Looks good. Hope your new camera is working well for you. We discovered on the way back home that our lens cover may open, may open part way, or not at all. Unfortunately the camera viewfinder is not through the lens, so we don't know if is open or not unless we check before every shot; not easy when riding on the back of the harley.Talk to you later. love, mom

From mom on Aug 11th, 2007

Would you send me a copy of your itinerary? Have a great day. Love, mom

From Susan on Aug 13th, 2007

Hi! Having a good time? Where are you at now? Im so jealous!! Love you!