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Thailand - Singapore

Written on: Sunday November 25th, 2007

A journal entry from: London

Well I arrived in Singapore nice and safely. My word it's so hot and humid here! I have to say I really have had a couple of really lazy days. Singapore is quite a small place so I saw most of it in a day.

Spent the next day at Sensosa Island which is their theme park - but I didn't so anything other than visit the underwater world. I know - very lazy of me.  My camera is playing up on me so I don't have any pics to load so sorry about that.

I'm just waiting at the airport now to fly to Sydney. Just a little note to say I don't have a mobile number at the moment and won't have one for the next couple of days - so no point in trying to contact me by phone - cos you can't!

Take care - lots of love, Liz xxx