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Bangkok - S.Thailand

Written on: Thursday November 22nd, 2007

A journal entry from: London

Well I spent a couple of days at Patong beach in Phuket which was mental! Ladyboy's everywhere! Wanted to get some diving in and was told to head to Phi Phi Island which is where all the Islands venture out to as it has the best visability this time of year. It's stunning and so quite. I'd stay on the Island forever but it's also really expensive! Spent 3days on the Island. The first day I could not get any diving in as I was quite burnt but the other 2 days I did and it was amazing. Dived around 4 of the main Islands around Phi Phi - was going to head towards Ko Tao but apparently they just end up coming towards Phi Phi so I headed back to Phuket where I'm staying in the main town - the beach was a bit much - I like to party but I also like to sleep and you can't get much sleep when the discos are still running at 5am!

Heading towards Singapore on Sat(24th Nov) where I'll stay for a couple of days. I have changed my flights to Syndey from Dec 17th to Nov 26th - purly because I have seen what I wanted and I don't really fancy staying down South Thailand for another 3weeks.

I have more pics than those on this blog but can't load them at the moment. You will have to check them out later!

Lots of love, Liz xxxx


From neal on Nov 24th, 2007

lucky you warm clear tropical seas to dive not jealous at all i did a quarry on fri 6degrees with 1 fish bugger wish i was with you .xxx