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Hoi An - Hanoi

Written on: Monday November 12th, 2007

A journal entry from: London

I have had the most bizarre experience ever! Just when I thought It could not get any worse - it does!! Arrived In Hoi An and was welcomed with more rain. After being told that they were expecting a storm I was adviced to get a bus upto the north as quickly as possible. I booked my bus ticket for 7:30am to take me to Hue, which is heading towards the north for the next morning. Woke up Monday morning and the hotel reception was totally flooded! The receptionist informed everyone that we could not get out due to the whole town being flooded and therefore no transport was working.

After a couple of hours boats started coming to rescue everyone from the hotels and take us away from the river which is towards the other side of town. After arriving completley wet (and now shoeless!) we were informed that buses would not be running for a couple of days as the weather was going to get worse. Panicking me and 6 others shared a taxi to Danang which is 30minutes away from Hoi An (and a little less wet!) and took a flight to Hanoi - which is where I am now - nice and dry here!!

Not sure what the weather is going to do here so I will be talking a flight into Bangkok in the next couple of days and working my way towards the south of Thailand.

I have some great photos but I can't load them at the moment. If anyone is trying to get through to me on my mobile you won't be able to as my phone is not working in Hanoi. I won't be contactable by phone for the next week so don't panick - I'm totally safe!!

Lots of love, Liz xxx



From dad on Nov 13th, 2007