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Nha Trang - Hoi An

Written on: Saturday November 10th, 2007

A journal entry from: London

I'm not having the best of luck at the moment! After just recovering from being ill I was really looking forward to a couple of chilled out days by the beach and yes you guessed it - it's pissing it down!!

I have not seen so much rain - it's like being at home. Arrived at Nha Trang on 8th November with great expectations of Island hopping and diving - well I have done bugger all and it's now the 10th!!

I have some cool pics of the beach but that's about it I'm afraid so I'll upload those in a couple of days but right now I'm booking my ticket to head towards Hoi An - at least it has more indoor action and I can venture outside of the hotel room!

Taking the bus tonight as it's a 13hr journey and I want to get a good full 2days in.

Chat soon - I'm off to buy a rain coat!

Liz, xxx


From dad on Nov 10th, 2007

mun does not understand u r text the weather is lovely here one day rain

From Quyen on Nov 11th, 2007

its nice to know u!i think u'll go to Hanoi soon!dont u mind if i'll be a guide for u in Hn!i'll be very glad to make frd with u!