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Pnhom Penh - Sihanoukvile

Written on: Thursday November 1st, 2007

A journal entry from: London

O.K, I seem to be buzzing around again rather than staying anywhere for very long - that's because the towns are quite small and I seem to be getting what I want done in a day so no point in hanging around.

Pnhom Penh is a pretty town but with lots of poverty - not very nice seeing people with no arms or legs crawling around on the floor begging for money so I just stayed their for 1 full day. Headed upto the beach yesturday to soak up some sun in Sihanoukvile. It's a very big town with 4 beaches miles apart.

Got my visa for Vietnam sorted yesturday so I take the bus to HCMC tomorrow at 7:30am - another full day traveling on the bus - can't wait!

Some people - those who love me - will be sending me texts which I can't pick up here because the connection is bad - just so you know!

Love, Liz xx