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Southern Laos - Cambodia

Written on: Sunday October 28th, 2007

A journal entry from: London

After spending the day traveling down to Vientiane I spent a day looking around. Normally the city is very quite but this weekend is the yearly boat race and festival so everyone seemed to be around - which was actually quite nice.

After soaking up the good spirt I headed further south to Savannakhet which is a tiny little village full of french architecture - again this is normally a very quite place but the whole of the south is celebrating their festival so very busy with lots of children wanting to practice English on me!

The next morning I took the bus upto Paske which is where you get the ferry to Stung Treng to cross Cambodia which took about 4hrs. However due to all the travelling I have been doing in the last week I decided to catch a flight rather than spend 3days crossing the boarder.

I took a flight this morning at 8:25am to Siem Reap - the heart of Angkor Wat temples - where I am now. I'm hoping to spend a few days here - After all I do have lots of laundry to do !!!

Lots of love, Liz xxx