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Overland from Beijing to Hong Kong

Written on: Friday October 12th, 2007

A journal entry from: London

Hi Guys

Thanks to those who have left me messages - It's good to read them. Just letting you know that this system won't allow me to reply to messages so please don't think I'm being rude by not replying - it's cos I can't! xx

The train was not so bad considering it took over 25hrs to get to Hong Kong. Cabins were spacious - but I was sharing with a lady and we could not understand each other so it was a little weird - never mind!!

Other than the Hostel I'm staying at Hong Kong is def a place I would come back to with friends. The Island is full of shops and is perfect for the long weekend away. I'm gutted as I can't buy anything - where would I fit the purchases! So easy to get around with the transport so clearly marked - Not sure how people would manage in Hong Kong if the escalator was not around - the place is so steep! I'm a little bit addicted to the ferry system - so different from getting the boring tram back home!

Lots of older travellers around which is nice but it would be good to hang out with some people my own age - especially at night!

Leaving for Bangkok in the morning and heading straight to Cambodia from the airport. Decided to change my itinerary and will be heading for Vietam, Cambodia, Laos first and then Thailand - a girl can change her mind!

Liz xxx