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China - Beijing

Written on: Monday October 8th, 2007

A journal entry from: London

Hi Guys

Well I have had a good few days in Beijing. The beginning was very wet as you can see from some of the photos but still very enjoyable.

I signed up for a couple of tours while I was out and about that all ended up having a non English speaking guide but who cares - all part of the fun I suppose! Except for the Forbidden City where I spent 5 hours totally lost - The place is hugh! 

The far best highlight was the wall for me - pictures don't do it justice. I went on a 4 hour treak through 35 of its towers and it is truely amazing. Would not do it again though!!

I have enjoyed Beijing but I think 4days will be enough for me. The language is a big problem here - glad I came though.

Now overnight to Hong Kong - Yippee!

Love, Liz xxxx



From neal on Oct 9th, 2007

hi lizzy flip flops you look like your havin a great time/ has yhat panda been fighting ? hes got black eyes ha ha

From Sam on Oct 12th, 2007

Hiya Hun, glad your having a great time, missing you already x

From Corinne on Oct 12th, 2007

Hello, you sound like you are having a wicked time! can't believe you've seen a panda, way jealous :D, and the forbidden city! Your pictures look great as well